PAL Athletics: Wrestling

WrestlingThe PAL Wrestling Program accepts both boys and girls, ages 7 through 16. The PAL Wrestling Program has a very rich history, having won various NCAAU State Championships in the past.
Team Philosophy: To Work hard and stay focused! To believe in proper technique at all times! You are only as good as your workout partner. The PAL Wrestling Program is known for being physical; we condition hard and drill hard to develop good solid techniques and a hard-nosed attitude. We develop our moves from the basics and build on them. We teach moves in series and try to help wrestlers develop their own strategy based on their strength, body build and quickness. The PAL coaching staff experiments with different techniques in conditioning, mat skills and mental toughness. This is truly the formula for success and what keeps us on top.

The PAL Wrestling program takes place annually from November – March. Program registration begins each year around October 1st.
After being or becoming a current year PAL Member, there is a $10.00 wrestling program registration fee. When coming to register, please bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate, most recent report card and shot record.

Quick Contact:

Officer Bogues
(704) 249-4290
Officer Gilmore
(704) 582-2570

Our Mission…
“To provide opportunities for the youth of our community that fosters their Leadership and Citizenship skills through Academics, Dedication,¬†Enrichment and Athletics.”