Doing What You Can, When You Can, To Aid Our Youth is What Matters Most

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About PAL Charlotte

Honor is born out of a desire to serve humanity. With this attitude of service and a desire to aid our youth and community, it is through individual and corporate financial sponsorships, donations, partnerships, grants and volunteers, that assist the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Activities League in the realization of its mission. This 501 (c) 3, not for profit charitable organization, offers the necessary support to enhance the lives of youth and young adults that reside within low-income, underserved Charlotte-Mecklenburg communities. It has proposed to offer adult and youth peer mentoring, structured After-School and Summer Camp Educational Enrichment, STEM Robotics programs, College Tours, SAT-ACT Prep Classes, Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Programs, Self-Improvement Skills, Decision-Making Guidance and Team Concept awareness. PAL also boasts a very robust athletic department that currently engages youth in the areas of Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cheerleading, Football, Golf, Soccer and Wrestling.

The goal of the Police Activities League is to provide educational, programmatic, and structured support to youth housed within underserved communities, while aiding them in improving their decision-making skills and preparing them for a successful future, thus enhancing the quality of their lives and allowing them to make positive contributions to society.

“Every Youth Needs A PAL”… Doing What You Can, When You Can, To Aid Our Youth Is What Matters Most

The PAL organization seeks to offer year round accessible, affordable and structured skill-based programs to youth and young adults in need of guidance and direction in planning and living quality lives. PAL will focus on providing a full continuum of programs and services to include the solicitation of participants, as well as, the enactment of follow through components. Once an individual is engaged, they and the program staff will develop a goal-driven plan, with outcome-based objectives.

PAL-engaged youth will be afforded the opportunity to participate in one or more of the skills-based programs being offered by the Police Activities League. Mentoring, education and tutorial enrichment, varied abuse prevention & education seminars, family wellness, self-improvement skills, decision-making and team concept awareness are but a few areas of focus under the PAL umbrella. Other programs will be evaluated and developed as deemed necessary by the organization’s Executive Director and Program Staff, and according to program expansion opportunities. In addition to the skills-based programs, participants will be involved in community service projects. These projects will give the youth and young adults the opportunity to make positive contributions within various Charlotte-Mecklenburg communities. Moreover, the participants will learn, develop, and practice leadership and teamwork skills.

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Our Mission…
“To provide opportunities for the youth of our community that fosters their Leadership and Citizenship skills through Academics, Dedication, Enrichment and Athletics.”