Doing What You Can, When You Can, To Aid Our Youth is What Matters Most

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PAL Charlotte

Thank you for visiting and exploring our new and improved organization website, where you will learn about our organization’s structured community based programs, as well as, our exciting and engaging athletic/sports teams and programs.

We are hopeful that PAL, via its structured and engaging youth programs, will be able to tap into the very ambitious goals for improving and helping our youth achieve both their educational aspirations, as well as, to be able to enhance the life and living skills for underserved youth and young adults who reside within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the educational, athletic and professional achievements of a great many current and former PAL participants, as well as, why they, along with our organization’s Executive Director Jeffrey A. Hood, an awesome and respected PAL staff, a committed Board of Directors, and an engaged Corporate community, have chosen to come together and unite their time, talents and resources to aid our youth together as a TEAM! It is well known that it does take a village to raise a child, however, it is also known that…“Every Youth Needs and Deserves a PAL”!

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the smile on a happy and engaged child’s face. The Police Activities League prides itself on its efforts to uplift the lives of Charlotte-Mecklenburg area youth via its various Athletic and Life Enhancing Programs, thus brightening their lives and helping them to build a brighter and fulfilled future.

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Our Mission…
“To provide opportunities for the youth of our community that fosters their Leadership and Citizenship skills through Academics, Dedication, Enrichment and Athletics.”